Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Round-the-World Redemption: New York to Hong Kong in CX F

Part I: Introduction
Part II: New York to Hong Kong in CX F
Part III: Hong Kong
Part IV: Hong Kong to Bangkok in CX F
Part V: Bangkok and VIE Hotel Bangkok
Part VI: Bangkok to Tokyo in TG F
Part VII: Narita and Hilton Narita
Part VIII: Narita to Frankfurt in LH F
Part IX: Frankfurt and Sheraton Frankfurt Airport
Part X: Frankfurt to Munich in LH C and Munich to Newark in LH F
Part XI: Conclusion

British Airways Galleries First and Club World Lounge

After arriving at Terminal 7, I went to the priority check-in area which is located to the left-hand side of the terminal when you enter. There was no queue at the First Class line which is always nice. The desk agent didn't bother to greet me or say a farewell instead she just asked where I was flying to and where I'd like the bags tagged to. Not a good way to start the flight but I let it slide considering she was a contracted employee. There were around eight passengers in front of me and it probably took ten minutes to clear security since there was only one lane.

Club World Bar

Since Cathay Pacific uses British Air's lounges at JFK, I had to walk to the other side of the terminal. When I entered the lounge, I was greeted by the attendant who showed me to the First Class area of the lounge which is called Galleries First. The lounge is rather small and cramped compared to the Business Class side which is called Club World. The biggest difference between the Galleries First area and Club World area is the alcohol selection. If I were ever to come back again, I would just grab something to drink at the Galleries First side and walk over to the Club World side to relax.

Club World Alcohol Selection

Galleries First Alcohol Selection (Belvedere, Woodford Reserve, and JW Black)

Those who are flying First with Cathay Pacific have the opportunity to get something to eat at the Pre-Flight Supper room which is located in the Club World side of the lounge. Unfortunately, those with a Business Class do not have access to this room. The Pre-Flight Supper room has a decent selection of food but I recommend saving your appetite for the on-board meal.
Chef's Dish of the Month: Made-to-Order Risotto

My Pre-Flight Supper 

If you want to take a shower, you have to go to the Elemis Spa area which is located in the Club World side. The attendant who cleans the showers leaves at 10PM so if you don't want to risk using a dirty shower  then come before then. Fortunately, I was able to grab the last clean shower room which is nice considering I will be in a metal tube for the next 14-15 hours.

Elemis Spa in the Club World Lounge

Flight: Cathay Pacific - CX 845
Origin: New York - JFK
Destination: Hong Kong - HKG
Booking Class: First
Equipment: B77W
Registration Code: B-KPU

The boarding area was crowded and there were only two boarding lanes (First Class/Business Class/Marco Polo and Economy). Fortunately, one of the desk attendants allowed me to go through the Economy lane which made boarding a lot faster since there were a ton of Business Class passengers along with Marco Polo elites.

When I got to my seat, I knew I was spoiled for life considering this was my first international First Class flight. Seconds later, a flight attendant introduced herself and offered to hang my sweater while getting me a glass of Krug as my pre-departure drink and some mixed nuts.

Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

Krug and Amenity Kit

Almost an hour into the flight, the meal service began and I chose the stir-fried lobster option. Being stupid, I declined the caviar and balik salmon service. Till this day, I don't know why I declined caviar and salmon. The meal service was great and the FA made sure my wine glass never went empty which was nice!
Truffle Potato Soup
Stir-Fried Lobster

Toffee Pudding Cake with Ice Cream

After the meal service, I decided to sleep for a few hours before arriving in Hong Kong. I was rather excited to go to bed considering it would be my first time using a mattress and duvet in an airplane. Fortunately, I was able to sleep for almost seven hours but I could have slept more if the cabin wasn't as hot as it was.

When we were two hours away from Hong Kong, the flight attendants began serving breakfast and asked how I wanted my eggs cooked since I chose the Western option. Cathay Pacific has an equipment that can cook eggs to your liking and it is only available to First Class passengers.

 Table Setting

Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes, and Spinach

Unfortunately, we arrived in Hong Kong an hour earlier than scheduled so it was 4:30AM when we landed. Since we were the first plane to land, there was no wait at immigration and my checked luggage was the third bag out. From there, I decided to go to the Arrivals Lounge and plan out my layover in Hong Kong.  Since the weather wasn't great it cancelled my original plans to go to The Peak and ride the ferry. Also, since our flight arrived an hour early I had to wait outside the lounge till 5AM until it opened.

The Arrivals Lounge